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Apatite Bracelet - Green

Apatite Bracelet - Green

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Such good quality green apatite. It is a deep green with a little flash! Looks incredible paired with rainbow toumaline or ocean jasper. 7mm beads

Natural stones vary in color, we will choose a beautiful one for you :)

Available for in-store pick up. Use code LOCAL at checkout.

Give in to the inspirational qualities of the Apatite crystal stone and encourage a peaceful respite from the confusion that comes from adulting in the modern world. The Apatite crystal stone helps to reawaken a sense of clarity that lights the path to self-expression. It gives us the guidance we need to maintain the delicate balancing act between following our dreams and the daily responsibilities of adulthood. Made from a common group of minerals containing a calcium phosphate base, Apatite reminds us that truly knowing oneself is the key to opening up the doors of the universe, a place where anything is possible.

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