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Humming Bird and Flower Carved in Chevron Amethyst

Humming Bird and Flower Carved in Chevron Amethyst

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This is such a beautiful and intricate design. The cute little hummingbird reaching for it's sweet nectar. The amethyst itself has absolutely amazing chevrons and natural floral vibes at the base.

Weight .90lb

Measurements: 5.25"x3.25"

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Not only do you get the benefits of the healing properties of Amethyst but also clear quartz. It is said that dream amethyst comes with a powerful field of energy that can help boost our immune system and keep the organs in our body in good health.

It is also believed to help in detoxifying the system by purging out negative energies. Dream amethyst crystals are also said to heal problems with the eyes, liver, lungs, intestines, thymus, pancreas, and other body organs. There are several claims that it is effective in alleviating headaches, bowel disorders, and contagious diseases.

Chevron dream amethyst is also potent in imparting a glow to the skin and rejuvenating it and regulating hormones. And significantly, this gem can heal the mind of anxiety and stress, and bring about a sense of calmness that boosts the thought processes and helps at making better decisions.

It can help soothe irritability and balance frequent mood swings that rise from anxiety, fear, and anger. This gemstone is also said to help metabolism by balancing and boosting hormone production. Alternative medicine practitioners and reiki experts assert that dream amethyst crystal can also help in blood purification, alleviate lung disorders, soothe skin conditions, and promote overall health and immunity of the body.


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