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Manuka Honey Ointment

Manuka Honey Ointment



Replace Neosporin! Manuka Honey Ointment Healing in a tube - our beloved all natural First Aid ointment. Our naturally potent skin healing ointment is a great all rounder for any first aid kit, and contains only 100% active leptospermum honey (Manuka honey), harvested by our own bees in New Zealand.

It has been certified as a medical grade honey for treating cuts and burns. This sterile easy-to-apply ointment creates an optimal environment for the healing of minor wounds and provides long-lasting infection protection while working to immediately reduce pain and minimize scarring long-term.

Product details: Easy-to-use, non toxic, natural and 100% safe, our First Honey® Manuka Honey Ointment is one product with three powerful healing actions.

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