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Halloween Candles

Halloween Candles

$18.00 $22.00

Horror Story
Magic Spellbook
Monster Mash
Vampire Castle
Fairytales & Fantasy
Antique Bookshop
Smoked Butterscotch
Pumpkin Reverie
Mystery & Thriller
By The Fire
Country Orchard

Call in the spirits with some spooky scents for the season. With a burn time of 50-60 hours, these 9oz soy-based candles last for ages and fill your space with spooky goodness.

HORROR STORY: Top notes: cranberry, blood orange. Middle notes: red currant, forest, oak tree. Base notes: pine, cedar, black currant, woody musk.

MAGIC SPELLBOOK: Top notes: fresh herbs, patchouli. Middle notes: parchment, rosemary, green plants. Base notes: mint, juniper, cypress.

MONSTER MASH: Top notes: harvest apple, green apple. Middle notes: blueberry, fall fruits. Base notes: bourbon, whiskey, sugar.

VAMPIRE'S CASTLE: Top notes: red currant, berries, mahogany. Middle notes: dark wood, oak, musk. Base notes: vanilla, woods.

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