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Rainbow Aura Kyanite

Rainbow Aura Kyanite



These fun little nuggets are an amazing addition to any collection. Powerful little guys! Kyanite is a natural stone, the rainbow is added with heat treatment but all the same properties are present! The perfect everyday pocket stone!

We will intuitively select the perfect piece for you :)

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Kyanite is an emotional stone, Kyanite isn’t shy about giving back to the universe. Harmonic in her shades of soft blue, there’s a light and lyrical energy surrounding this high vibration stone. Once upon a time, the Ancient Greeks blessed Kyanite with a different name: Disthene, which translates to two strengths, paying homage to the rare resistance found in this elegant stone. The strength of Kyanite can be found in the fact that she doesn’t absorb toxic energy but rather her nature stays clean and abundant.

 Along with being a stone of double strength, Kyanite is also a builder of bridges – possessing the ability to link the world we know with spiritual universes that exist outside of our everyday space. With its strong emotional pull, Kyanite can also nurture innate psychic abilities and enhance telepathy, meaning that communication and connection through body and mind becomes more blissful.

If you are feeling lost in the world and untethered to your former self, the Kyanite Energy Bracelet can rekindle that connection. Sometimes, when we feel like we have lost our way and lost ourselves, it helps to feel that kinship with the past so we can move towards a clear future. Kyanite also works gently to align the chakras, bringing balance and reducing health issues.

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