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Ocean Jasper Tower 1

Ocean Jasper Tower 1

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This one is for gazing! It's like oceans and galaxies combine into this one beautiful morsel. Full of different shades of greens and teals, purples, reds, golden hues and blues. Such a beauty!

Weight is just over 1lb

Measures: 6.75" tall by 2' thick

 Available for in-store pickup. Use code LOCAL at checkout. 

Natural Ocean Jasper is rich with restorative joy. Like a dip in the ocean to clear the mind and reconnect to the soul, this gem helps you to slow your roll and go with the flow. While Ocean Jasper does have some easy-going energy, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t adhere to boundaries - in fact, this stone will strengthen boundaries - ensuring that you learn to put your own needs first. 

For those who have been falling short on the self-care mark, Natural Ocean Jasper entices you to get stacked on sweet comfort, higher happiness, and all that joy. This gem washes away anchors that weigh you down and instead lets life surge right through you. Ocean Jasper has the energetic makeup of being both water and volcanic rock. This grants it the balancing act of knowing how to nurture that fiery spirit all while keeping a cool and collected head. 


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