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Tigers Eye Tumble

Tigers Eye Tumble



Beautiful Tigers Eye Tumbled Stones. Amazing quality & perfect pocket stone.
Stones are chosen for each order individually and with intention. Color will vary, size will vary slightly. 

Stones are available for in-store pick up. Please use code LOCAL at checkout.


Tiger Eye brings confidence, strength, courage, protection and good luck. It sharpens the senses, promotes intuition and helps one to be practical, centred and grounded. It enhances personal power, allows clarity, good judgement, clear perception and insight, aiding in good decision making. Tiger Eye can be used to stimulate wealth and maintain it.

Healing: Balances emotions, reduces headaches, aids the digestive organs, spleen, pancreas, and colon. Helps the reproductive system, relieves asthma attacks and enhances night vision.

Chakra: Sacral & Solar Plexus 

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